About Us

Clayton has been involved in speedway since he was a child helping his father work on his hot rod in Sydney in the late 60s. With a move to Queensland other sports took over putting racing on the back burner. At age 17 he built his first race car which was an FC Holden in the street stock class. After numerous cars being built and raced which included an LJ Torana and both an EJ and EH Holdens travel took priority following work around the country and overseas. A trip to New Zealand brought him in contact with the New Zealand racing scene with a few cars that looked a bit strange. They were MODIFIEDS these are a cross between a Sprintcar and a V8 dirt modified. This bought him in contact with John Lovelady of LRC Motorsport and this catapulted him into the car building and crew work on a factory team winning NZ titles and nearly every title available at the time.

This went on for a few years and a return to Australia saw him continue to build and race cars. Finally, a dream job at Ian Boettcher Race parts sealed his fate in the industry.

Clayton has a background in both heavy construction and general fabrication qualified in all matter of materials including cast iron and aluminium repairs and fabrication to food grade stainless steel work.

Service is what he thrives on so if he can get it for you he will.